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Getting Your Physical and Mental Power Back

Did you know that your nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and part of your whole body?

When our nervous system is working at its best we are both physically and mentally well. However, when  our nervous system is interfered with and we get nervous system interference, either physical or mental, this can have a detrimental effect on our health and well-being.


As the bony spine protects the spinal cord and the nerves that exit the spine, if there is a spinal problem or an area that’s not functioning or moving as it should do, then the nerves sometimes can be interfered with, becoming irritated or inflamed and this can change the electrical activity travelling from the brain to the spinal cord through the nerves that exit the spine to different parts of the body. If a part of the body is not receiving the normal neurological input that it should be receiving then it doesn’t work as well as it should do. Now, those parts could be muscles or joints, but they could also be part of your brain that affect your energy or your ability to think,  or your emotions, your mood, your feelings ,as well as your heart, your lungs ,your digestive system and so on.




At the Amethyst Chiropractic and Hypnotherapy clinic there have been many times where patients have reported that they have not only had pain relief but have also noticed other improvements. Like being able to think more clearly, not feeling mussy headed. Having more energy to do things and being able to focus and see more clearly as well as being able to make decisions more easily because their thinking ability is better (their nervous system is functioning better) and their mobility is better and because of this, they are able to do more in their life. How does this work you might ask . Well it works by delivering a good chiropractic adjustment in the specific areas that need to be improved in function .What is a chiropractic adjustment you might ask. A chiropractic adjustment is a specific manual manoeuvre with  a specific gentle force of thrust in a specific direction to stimulate the nervous system and improve joint function and remove nervous system interference.

So what’s the benefit of Chiropractic and Hynotherapy in getting your power back.

Well as I’ve mentioned above chiropractic can help you physically to  improve your nervous system function, helping you to think more easily and make decisions more easily. Hypnotherapy can help change the way that you think and therefore  change how you feel and think mentally about certain things in life, which can have a significant effect on  your energy, your enthusiasm, and give you that boosted get up and go drive back in your life.

Chiropractic is primarily interested in your nervous system. It’s this that runs the whole of your body. It’s the communication network and it sends messages to and from your brain, millions upon millions of them every second, through your spinal cord every second of every day. Your spinal cord is housed in your spinal column (the bones of your spine) and sends branches out to every tiny bit of your body. By keeping the bones of your spine moving and positioned properly, chiropractic treatment  keeps the nerves free of interference. This keeps your body working better, the messages to and from your brain can get through, and that helps you to be healthier. The nerves can be easily irritated – it doesn’t take much to  significantly reduce the function of a nerve . Sometimes it can be a bone pressing on a nerve but often it’s swelling and inflammation from strained tissues that causes the pressure. This nerve pressure may give rise to pain but it may only produce pins & needles, tingling, weakness or other odd sensations and low energy feelings as well.

Hypnotherapy is primarily interested in your nervous system through your imagination and the use of your  senses ( your sight, hearing, feel, smell and taste). Your conscious mind is bypassed and your unconscious mind awakened. It’s like writing a new healthy programme and addressing and removing old habitual programmes that are not helping you or are holding you back from fulfilling your full potential and dreams that you what to achieve in your life.

Sometimes in life we all need a little help to get back our get up and go , our internal life force , call it what you will. I have being treating patients for over 25yrs both with Chiropractic (physically) and hypnotherapy (mentally)  and have seen significant changes in peoples lives. It’s like switching the light back on or having your engine back running on all four cylinders instead of running on two or three cylinders.


So as to what’s most important? Well, it’s your nervous system, and it’s how we look after it: 1. Having musculoskeletal problems corrected to ensure better spinal and nervous system function and 2. How we take control and master our own minds with the use of positive suggestions that have an action effect on our subconcious minds through hypnotherapy.

More than anything, that is what we work on at the Amethyst Chiropractic and Hypnotherapy clinic !

Till next time

Yours in health

Jamie Fraser-Nash ( Doctor of Chiropractic & Clinical Hypnotherapist)



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