Posture & Gait Problems

Posture is often considered to be the window to the spine, as poor posture can indicate that there is a problem with a person’s nervous system. Poor posture is mostly caused by weak or short muscles, or incorrect joint biomechanics, however there can be many other causes. These include:

  • Car accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Loss of bone density
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Sleeping on mattresses that do not offer enough support

Chiropractors are experts at analysing posture, gait and spinal problems. Analysis of posture helps us determine the appropriate adjustments, treatment and rehabilitative exercises in order to correct your posture.

At Amethyst Chiropractic Clinic we consider the effective treatment correction and management of postural and gait problems essential in the maintenance of optimal health and well being. One element of assessment is done through observing a person while they are walking to see if they have an abnormal gait. Gait, or the walking pattern as it is more commonly known, is an important indicator of how poor foot alignment affects spinal posture. Efficient walking and weight bearing is essential to normal daily functioning. Problems that affect the lower extremity often manifests themselves most clearly in gait.

By analysing all aspects associated with your spine helps us determine if a walking abnormality is present or is likely to develop and what type of adjustments, treatment and rehabilitative exercises are necessary to resolve the problem.

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