Shoulder Complaints

The ultimate goal of chiropractic care for a shoulder complaint is to bring the patients’ shoulder back to full, pain free correct functioning.

The shoulder joint is a complex area of the the body,  It has an immense amount of flexibility but the flexibility comes at the price of instability and is one of the easiest joints to dislocate.

Its normal full function is determined by not only the proper function of shoulder muscles and ligaments of the shoulder but also the correct functioning of the neck (where the nerves come out to supply the shoulder joint, muscles and ligaments of the shoulder), the mid back (thoracic spine) and ribs, the shoulder blade movement and the collar bone proper function.

Pain from this region of the body can be caused by sporting injuries, falls and accidents, poor posture, to long term problems like arthritis.  It can also be referred from other areas of the body.  A shoulder injury can make the simplest of tasks difficult and cause pain.

At the Amethyst Clinic we will provide a thorough examination to assess the cause of the shoulder complaint.  Once a diagnosis is made we can map out a course of treatment to help all the areas of the shoulder girdle involved.

If you need any further investigations or other medical treatments we will refer you for the right care that you need.

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