Urgent Treatment

The earlier you receive the right advice and treatment following your diagnosis the sooner you will recover. Therefore, if you are suddenly in need of urgent treatment it is vital you come to us as soon as possible.

In an emergency there are two important factors to remember:

1. Call the clinic, no matter where or when: We always endeavour to keep some appointments free each day for emergencies. If the emergency is outside normal clinic hours you should still call us on 01202 699581 and our answer phone will provide you with an emergency contact telephone number.

2. Ice packs or heat packs are not always the answer: There have been many cases in which patients have resorted to ice or heat packs in the hope of reducing their pain. In some cases these can help, however, if not used correctly they can also be detrimental. It is vital any sort of heat or ice pack is not applied directly to the skin and, as a general rule of thumb:

  • Sudden onset of sharp acute pain & recent injury = ice pack
  • Old, chronic injury & dull achy pain = heat pack

Of course your best option is always to see a chiropractor, but we do understand that this is not always possible straight away. If this is the case, it is important to call a chiropractor as soon as possible on 01202 699581, even if it is just to receive the correct advice, so you can be sure you will not be doing yourself more harm than good before coming in for an appointment.

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