Weight Loss

Obesity is often associated with low self-esteem, lack of control, poor mental health, guilt and many other negative emotions. Weight loss hypnotherapy is a natural and safe method that aims to make permanent changes to your eating habits by addressing these subconscious negative thoughts that are most likely the reason why you are unable to lose weight.

Clinical hypnotherapy can help you to increase your willpower, reduce your appetite and build your confidence so that you can make the changes necessary to become slimmer and healthier. Hypnotic weight loss does not come with any side effects and does not involve any fad diets, expensive supplements or group meetings.

We recognise that every weight loss client has different needs, triggers and pressures in their life that need to be addressed, so our Hypnotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Weight Loss for Life Plan is individually tailored to suit your needs. We examine your current eating habits as well as working with you to build your self-esteem, confidence, willpower and motivation so that you can make lasting changes.

Using hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy for weight loss is different because it can help many people to think about food in a different way, as a form or nourishment and not something that is used to tackle another emotion. Using hypnosis to lose weight can also enable many of our clients to discover the exact emotions that are causing them to overeat. Once the emotional reason for your eating is discovered then a hypnotherapist can work with you so that you begin to recognise real hunger rather than the emotional hunger that is making you over eat.

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