Stop Smoking

If you want to quit smoking for the last time then call the Amethyst clinic today and discover the power of hypnotherapy combined with cognitive behavioural therapy.

Often people continue to smoke as a force of habit, or because they feel there would be too many negatives arising through quitting. Our stop smoking hypnotherapy and CBT sessions will also remind you that you are not losing something by giving up cigarettes but you are instead gaining a new you. We are helping you to achieve:

  • Better health
  • Increased wealth
  • Better skin and complexion
  • Improved fertility

Every client who takes part in our advanced stop smoking hypnotherapy program receives a free CD. This quit smoking CD reinforces any suggestions given to you during the session so that you can continue receiving the benefits even when you are at home. Then, following a thorough discussion, a second CD will be given to you with a script that has been written specifically to meet your needs.

All smokers know that they have a harmful and expensive cigarette addiction – whether its smoking tobacco, weed or marijuana – yet despite being aware of these dangers they continue to smoke. This is because the addiction has become a deeply ingrained habit or because the smoking is used to mask an emotion such as stress. If you have tried to stop smoking before but failed it may be because you tackled the more obvious reasons for your habit but neglected the deeper ingrained problems hidden in your subconscious. Through our Advanced Stop Smoking Program we help you to recognise all the triggers that have kept you smoking and then we eradicate them one by one so you can quit the habit for good.

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