Phobias are relatively common and figures suggest that at least 6% of the population may suffer from one at any time. A phobia is defined as an intense or persistent fear of a situation or object, which is accompanied by an excessive and unreasonable desire to avoid the feared stimulus.

The individual suffering from the phobia will recognise that the fear they feel for the object or situation is out of proportion to the danger posed by the stimulus but will still do anything to avoid it. By modifying their life they will avoid coming into contact with the object or situation but generally at the expense of something else.

Hypnotherapy with cognitive behavioural therapy helps to alleviate phobias by guiding the client through relaxation and visualisation techniques, as well as learning new ways of thinking in order to aid desensitisation. You are taught to learn new habits and eventually retrain your brain to detach the object or the situation from the emotional response.

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