Confidence building is one of the foundations of hypnosis. Any hypnotherapist whether they are working with weight loss, smoking cessation or anxiety needs to increase their clients confidence so that they believe that they can make the changes necessary to transform their life. When you believe in yourself and your abilities any form of self-improvement suddenly becomes so much easier. Remember that many of the limitations that hold us back are often our own creations and not only those set by other people. Confidence is a state of mind and once you have it nothing can hold you back.

We are all born with self-confidence, however, bad experiences, comments from other people or our own self-limiting beliefs can prevent us from achieving our full potential. Confidence hypnotherapy combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Hypnosis to find the source of these negative fears and thoughts and then teaches you to remove them. Once this barrier has collapsed it becomes easier for our clients to imagine a future where they will be able to achieve their goals and feel and act confidently.

Our step-by-step program will enable you to tap into your own inner resources and build on them so that you feel empowered confident and in control. Included in this unique program are techniques to:

  • Forget About Past Failures
  • Stop Worrying About Others
  • Ignore External Distractions
  • Remove Negative Self Talk
  • Reduce Internal Feelings
  • Confidence and Self Belief
  • Emotional Control
  • Motivation, Energy and Stamina

At the Amethyst Clinic our unique and individually tailored hypnotherapy plan works to boost confidence and, as a result, helps you to banish your fears and insecurities forever.

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