Children & Babies

Chiropractic care is for people of all ages including children and babies. Just as you take your children to the dentist to look after their teeth it is equally as important to see a chiropractor to maintain the health of their spine.

Problems can start as early as birth, and there are many possible causes to issued experienced by adults that stem from childhood. For example, even during childbirth there can be significant stresses placed on the cervical spine of the baby that can have major repercussions.

Additionally, during childhood there will always be some degree of knocks and bumps that can cause young spines to be strained or become misaligned. Even into the teenage years, the spine is still particularly fragile and there are significant factors that can affect overall health and wellbeing. For example, long term use of laptops as well as computer gaming, and the poor posture that can go with it, can be detrimental.

Gentle Techniques

The methods used to adjust the spine of a baby or small child will clearly differ to those used on a fully grown adult. We have taken care of babies from as young as a day or two old and helped to remedy a great variety of strains. We’re proficient in using the right gentle techniques that are appropriate for the child at their particular stage of development.

Particularly in children it is important to remember that while the pain may appear to have subsided, this does not mean there are no underlying problems and often the sooner any injuries are seen to, the less likely they are to be carried into adulthood.

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